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Anthus Laptop Geocoin


We are no longer accepting reservations for the Anthus Laptop Geocoin for it is completely sold out. We are currently shipping orders in the order that they are paid and are currently on those paid on 06/05/2007. All orders that were paid before 6/04/2007 have been shipped.





  Metals: Black Nickel (Regular)
Nickel (Regular)
Nickel with Blue Translucent Top (LE)
Nickel with Red Translucent Top (LE)
Shiny Gold (XLE) -- trade only coin
  Coin Shape: Odd shape -- shape of a laptop
  Hinge: Yes, the laptop actually opens and closes
First ever hinged coin!
  Custom Prefix: AN = stands for Anthus
  GC Trackable: Yes
  Cost: SOLD OUT
Regular sold for $11.00 USD each
LE only sold in two coin set for $23.00 USD per set
Shipping not included



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